A new spa in Lajpat Nagar offers a range of services

What better way to get away from the mounting temperature and hectic life of Delhi than a spa session? I decided to take a break and discovered an abode of calmness crafted to soothe my senses at the recently opened Lajpat Nagar Part-2 branch of Delhi based spa chain Mystic Spa.

Though the other branches of Mystic are quite spacious I found this one a bit cramped. But once I entered the basement it was an experience to remember. The whole area has a positive vibe to it. The manager was very courteous and polite in taking me thorough the offerings at the spa, which comprise some world class therapies and services.

As I suffer from chronic pain I was advised to go for a deep tissue massage followed by Swedish massage. I promptly accepted the offer and met my therapist for the session. The spa has different rooms designed according to the services offered. Mine was a small one with an attached glass bathroom with a steam bath option.

Good part of the session was that the therapist educated me about my massage. In short, my hour-long session started with a soothing 15-minutestretching exercise, that made my pain vanish. It tempted me to ask the therapist about the training they undergo. They are trained for around six months under supervision of senior therapists prior to servicing clients on their own.

After the warm-up it was time for an aromatic oil massage. I chose lavender oil as I love its fragrance. Therapist often used elbows, knuckles, forearms and hands to apply the right amount of pressure to touch the deeper muscle tissues which made me feel quite refreshed. For me my sixty minutes got over within seconds but the reality was what a small hanging clock indicated. And with a heavy heart I went for a steam bath and came out of the spa much more energised and refreshed.

Type of Massage: Deep Tissue

Duration: 60 Mins

Cost: Rs. 2500 plus taxes

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