ADS The Pappu and Pappa series of films features superstar dad Shah Rukh Khan educating his son on oral hygiene

Hindustan Unilever's leading oral care brand Pepsodent is back with a vengeance against germs with the second season of their immensely successful campaign with “Pappu & Pappa (P&P)”. The campaign has Bollywood superstar and doting father Shah Rukh Khan playing the cool Pappa to his son Pappu (played by child actor Jo), bringing forth the benefits of brushing with the new improved product” Pepsodent Germicheck + magnets”.

Pappu & Pappa – II takes Pepsodent's philosophy of making brushing — an otherwise mundane task — into an interesting fun activity further by building the importance of oral hygiene, which is at times neglected by parents. The TV campaign narrates interesting short stories between Pappa who uses humour and storytelling to educate Pappu on the importance of brushing every day.

Shah Rukh says, “I like the whole ideology behind the Pepsodent campaign and good parenting. The whole concept of working with Pepsodent and little children is something I would do at home, I enjoy it. It really makes me feel as though I am with my son in my own bathroom. As a matter of fact I've been telling the team that next time no need to book the studios, we should just do it in my bathroom with my son.”