Smoke House BBQ is geared up for the winter

Winter has started to show its effect. Chilly winds have started to embrace Delhi. I have started my search for a nice barbeque destination for the season. This is the season for meat eaters and one such place in Delhi dedicated to such foodies is the Smoke House BBQ.

Located on the roof top of Crescent Mall, Lado Sarai near Qutub Minar, it features a fresco styled dining area having interiors attempting to recreate the ambience of a Southern Carolina Sunday barbeque. The floors are made of charcoal and wood, crockery and cutlery are fashioned out of wood to give diners an authentic bucolic experience. Barbecuing is an art and very few people in India master it. But I am glad to find a place in Delhi which does it with finesse and perfection. Siddharth Mathur (F&B Director of Impresario), a passionate foodie, has curated the menu after a lot of research and hit and trial method. His stay abroad reflects in the mood and the food.

Surprisingly ‘Sid’ suggested me to start with a vegetarian appetiser, loaded potato skins, and it turned out to be yummy and creamy. Potato was scooped, grilled with its skin on and then stuffed with sour cream, melted cheddar and chives.

It was a menu in which each dish made its presence felt. Fisherman’s basket had the crispiest prawns, fish and squids I have ever come across. Atomic chicken wings were really destructive. Spicy, lip numbing and finger licking.

Burgers were true American style, big and loaded with cheese. There were thick meaty bbq patties served with a side of hickory smoked coleslaw and fries. The whole menu is full of aroma. Even the pastas and lasagna have smoked meats. It also boasts its own homemade range of six signature barbeque sauces. Each is a novel attempt at marrying old Americana cooking techniques with modern Indian sensibilities. BBQ smoked spatchcock chicken was juicy and grilled to its core. Spatchcock is a technique in which the back and breast of the chicken is cut to make it flat and expose more area of the bird to the fire. Captain Smith’s fried chicken had a crispy crust. Crunchy to bite, it went well with the chilli vinegar sauce.

To satisfy my sweet tooth I had many options but the one which I will remember for some time was the tasty, refreshing banoffee pie.

Timings: 7.30 pm to 1.00 am

Meal for two: Rs.2400 plus taxes

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