This is the story of Blackie, our neighbourhood female cat. Like our other neighbourhood cats who come to feed at our ground floor house in Kilpauk, she has been visiting us for the past three years. Every year, she invariably brought one or two kittens with her, and I had the responsibility of getting them adopted. Last January, much to our surprise, she brought six unbelievably cute kittens to our compound, having decided apparently, that it would be their home for the next few months at least.

I knew I had to do something fast, or we would end up with a large number of cats. We started to find homes for most of Blackie’s kittens but were still worried about Blackie getting pregnant again in the near future. Fortunately, a local animal rescue group loaned us a humane trap with which we caught Blackie and took her for animal birth control. A donor paid for the surgery at a private veterinary facility.

Today, all her kittens have been adopted except for ‘Puttu’ who has made our compound his home. As for Blackie, she has become healthier without the burden of repeated pregnancies. The message I would like to share is: if anyone has a cat in the neighbourhood that they feed, get them spayed or neutered at the right time. Repeated litters take a toll on their health, and it is difficult to get kittens adopted.

However, if you are doing so, please ensure that you take the cat to a veterinarian who is recommended by other cat lovers. For advice on how to choose a safe place to spay your cat, email

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