Build your shoulders with these moves


Pick up a barbell and hold it overhead, slightly behind your head, as shown in the start position.

Your grip can be slightly wider than your shoulders.

Maintain a bend in the elbows and hold the barbell in such a way that you are half way through a standard shoulder press exercise.

Now press the barbell upwards using the strength of your trapezius muscle (not shoulders) to almost a full lockout.

Squeeze and tighten the trapezius at the finish position for a second.

Return to start position.

Muscles targeted

Trains the triangle-shaped trapezius muscle which starts from the neck and spreads to your back.

Also has some effect on shoulders, neck and smaller muscles of the back.


Forcefully locking the elbows at the finish position.

Heavy weights and jerky movements.

Rocking the body.

Straining the neck or bending the head while pressing the weight upwards.

Who benefits

Those who want to build strength in the trapezius.

This movement has a pronounced effect on the upper and middle part of that muscle.