There is no excuse to say no to fitness when the options range from hop, skip to swim and play

“I want to begin working out during summer because I can lose weight faster,” said a debutante at a gym. The confused trainer asked, “Says who”? The girl’s response probably echoed the thoughts of a lot of first timers: “We sweat more when we workout during the summer, doesn’t that mean we also lose weight faster?” But in reality her notion is a myth. So, if losing weight or staying fit is one of your personal goals then there are few fun ways to do it , whether in the gym or on your own.

“My 7-month-old Belgium Shepherd needs a lot of exercise, which helps me with the much needed cardio regime. I begin with a walk, then build it up to a brisk walk and after a warm up, we go for a friendly jog. It is refreshing, energising and very playful,” says P. George, an interior designer and owner of various breeds of dogs. George says, it is his German Shepherd and Belgium Shepherd who are most demanding when it comes to fitness. “So, in a way they push me to remain fit,” he laughs.

Everyone isn’t a proud owner of such demanding pets. So what do they do? “Running a dog is by far the best way to stay fit for both the owner and the pet. But in case you don’t have a pet at home, then be your own companion if you aren’t a gymmie (a funny term for gym lovers). It is all about how one plans the fitness routine and what is their motivation. Walking is a good way to start one’s day. Once comfortable with the pace, get into interval training to build your stamina and pace. Interval training involves walking, brisk walk and jogging. It should be two minutes of walk, one minute of brisk walk and two minutes of jogging. A 45-minute routine is all that is required,” says fitness expert Bilon Aristotle.

He lists out other fun ways to get oneself out of the house and get involved in workout routines. “Play ball, badminton (in the shade) or simply follow a PT drill. Fall back on the drills taught in the school. Including mini hops when training ensures a rigorous cardio workout which will help strengthen your muscles and nervous system. But one should hop and jump only if their joints are healthy and do not suffer from any injury,” he advises.

Bilon opines that a group workout session can be fun and motivating and keep one focussed. But one should “begin before the sun becomes harsh or just after it has cooled down in the evening.”

Abhilash works out in a gym but when boredom seeps in, “I hit the football ground and play for about 40 minutes without break. That takes care of my day’s most required cardio,” he smiles. Talk about a play-way to stay fit.

The gym can get quite boring after a while. Everything depends on the instructor, “When in the gym, listen to your instructor like you listened and obeyed your math teacher in school. He is best judge of the energy of the group and can keep up the tempo for a good workout session,” adds Bilon.

Fit and Safe

* Drink plenty of water, sip don’t guzzle

* When working out alone, make sure of the correct posture to avoid workout injury

* Never workout without a supervisor in a gym.

* Consult a doctor before you begin your work out

* Ask fitness experts on what should be done and what to be avoided.

* Dress in comfortable clothing and shoes