The first thing you notice about her is her impeccable sense of dressing. Taking her love for fashion to a whole new level, city girl Kanika Karvinkop has taken to fashion blogging and is enjoying every moment of it.

Having always been interested in fashion and styling, Kanika started her personal style blog ‘Fashion Stirred’ last October. She says: “One of the main reasons of starting the blog was to let people know every little thing I knew about fashion.”

I haven't studied fashion but it is something I have always been passionate about. I did my Masters in Creativity and Innovation from the University of Malta.”

“After my studies abroad, I came here and started a clothing line called KAN Collection which did quite well. I styled photo shoots for my line. I fell in love with the whole idea of mixing and matching looks, adding accessories, shoes, etc. Stuff like this drives me crazy, in a good way, of course!”

Talking about switching from Psychology and Literature in college to fashion, Kanika says: “The course I was doing would have probably gotten me working in Human Resources and I'm pretty sure that I wasn't too keen on a 9 to 5 job. Fashion has always given me a high and once I decided to shift, I focused on what I wanted and things have been good.”

Parents have been supportive of Kanika’s decisions. My dad always told me to do what I love and make sure it helps/benefits the people around me in some way or the other.”

About fashion blogging being a viable career choice in India, the youngster says: “India is still coming to terms with the blogging concept. In Europe and America, blogging is a huge deal. So far things have been going smoothly. I have a good number of followers on the site which attract advertisers. I believe as time passes and one’s content gets better and more interesting, fashion blogging in India will definitely be a sustainable career.”

Apart from Fashion Stirred, Kanika is a stylist by profession. “I work on TV commercials, at the moment I'm working on a film which is super exciting.”

Speaking of how she puts together her blog posts Kanika explains: “I usually focus on current trends and blog about what’s in fashion. I put together looks using the clothes I have and occasionally shop if required. People think I have a huge wardrobe full of clothes which is not true. I just mix and match with the stuff I have. I give old clothes new looks by cropping them or using them in different ways. I've cut old tops and jeans and turned them into crop tops or shorts.”

She adds: “I always want my pictures to look bright, colourful and fresh so we always look for places that look new and refreshing. Our blog shoots happen twice a week and the pictures are uploaded on the site. I also love travelling and make sure I get as many pictures as I can. I try and read up as much as I can about trends that change ever so frequently.”

With regard to her plans for Fashion Stirred, Kanika says as she wraps up: “Blogging is my hobby and passion and I will continue to do this for as long as I can. I get mails from girls asking for style tips. Some of them have actually been confident enough to try new things. I've been inspired by various designers, stylists and bloggers and I hope to do the same for someone reading my blog.”

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