Deepti Sudhindra's The Jewellery Project has some classic accessories on offer

Tucked away in a quaint corner of Sadashivnagar is “The Jewellery Project”. It's not like any jewellery shop you have seen before.

Not even close. What greets you is a serene space surrounded by trees and birds, far from the madding crowd.

Verses from the Bhagavad Gita gracing the walls and artisans at work are the first sights that you'll see. The store has a meditative quality to it. An inexplicable energy permeates every corner of the room.

Deepti Sudhindra, owner of the Project says, “Indian jewellery is the oldest, living cultural tradition. It's alchemy. Whenever you wear a precious stone, know that it holds time, that you are holding a piece of the Universe.” Deepti only works with handmade, natural gem stones.

Every piece of jewellery has an interesting finesse to it. “The Jewellery Project” has different collections — fossil coral, turquoise, Bikaner beads; unique among them is the mythology collection. “R&D is very important for us. There are many variables that need to be considered. As we looked at new age Indian jewellery, there was nothing Indian about it. So we researched on Indian mythology.”

The creations that resulted from this extensive research were charms — mangalsutras and kadas, pendants in the design of lotuses, Lakshmi's owl and Parvathy's peacock are available.

“We make charms because it has a talismanic quality to it and are universal in nature.” Deepti also works with antiques — there is a rare pendant of a dancing Ganesha.

The filigree jewellery is delicate and exquisite. Deepti believes that “filigree gives jewellery value”. There are necklaces made of mother of pearl shells strung with natural coconut beads and ropes of natural pearls, stones and beads.

Deepti picks up a delicately-designed bangle with the Gayatri Mantra engraved on it. “This is a classic bangle. We've made bangles for people who wanted to celebrate someone or wanted a bangle as a memoir. Anyone can approach us to make bangles of their choice,” says Deepti. Apart from bangles, wedding and engagement rings are custom-made for customers.

“Another unique feature of the Jewellery Project is that we encourage people to try our jewellery on. They are designed for the body, so the jewellery looks more beautiful when worn,” says Deepti.

“The Jewellery Project” is located at Tharingini, 12th cross, Sadashivnagar, (opposite Sadashivnagar police station). Call: 23616239 or 9845033445.


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