Lustrous hair is just a few steps away

Who does not yearn for silky and long lustrous hair? It's just a few steps away.

Goodbye, scarf!

It is not advisable to keep your hair covered all the time — you must allow it to breathe. When you keep hair covered, air flow to the roots is restricted. This causes the oil in the glands to increase, resulting in dull-looking hair. The hair should be covered only from the sharp rays of the sun. To remove grease from hair, take a cotton ball dipped in alcohol, and gently rub it over the scalp, once in a week.

Home remedies

Consume 10 to 12 glasses of water and one glass of lemon water every day. Massage your hair with rose water and mineral water. Also, once a week, massage hair with oil for adequate blood circulation to hair follicles, and strength.

Wash it well

Brush hair thoroughly before shampooing, to remove dead skin, dirt and grease from hair. Always remember to select a shampoo according to the hair texture. Do not use strong shampoo, creamy and oily cosmetics, inferior serum and gel. Apply a few drops of serum to hair after the last rinse for instant shine and softness.

Once in three days, add a little water to egg yolk, and apply the mixture to hair. Rinse with cold water after five minutes. This helps bring a shine to hair. Avoid hair dryer and inferior hair products.

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