Los Angeles-based coiffeur Jamal Hammadi sees strong parallels between our hair and the environment

His celeb clientele includes Drew Barrymore, Sharon Stone, Linda Evangelista, Eva Mendes, Lisa Marie Presley and Meg Ryan to name a few. World renowned hair expert Jamal Hammadi has yet another feather in his cap now. The Los Angeles based coiffeur is one of the seven cutting edge global hair experts chosen by Sunsilk to co-create its Stunning Black Shine Range, targeted exclusively at the Indian market.

In Mumbai to launch Sunsilk's Co-Creations range, Jamal is ecstatic about helping make every Indian woman's dream come true.

In a telephonic interview he says: “I do hair because I am passionate about it and good at it," Jamal reveals: “Adding shine to one's hair has become a global concern. The hair of a child is naturally glossy and looks healthy and that's what people can expect from this new range I have co-created with Sunsilk.”

The Paris-born hairdresser kickstarted his styling career in the early 90s and has even caught the fancy of Chanel, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano who have roped in his expertise to complement their collections.

Ask him what it takes to give one the perfect hairstyle and he explains, “It starts with what one is wearing, make-up, then personality and the mood. I aim at keeping the look feminine. It is all about creating an image that celebrates a woman.”

Over the years, Jamal has come to the conclusion that “Every woman has the same complaint, that of dry and damaged hair. The market is spilling over with so many hair products leaving consumers totally confused. Women use loads of products and over-process their hair resulting in hair depletion and not in much-needed nourishment.”

This is one of the main reasons why Jamal decided to launch his own line of beauty products, Hammadi Beauty. His products are 100 percent organic and combine essential oils and plant extracts.

Currently, he has 12 styling products for the hair but plans on expanding into skin care products for men. On this note, he also mentions that men are more worried about their hair than women these days.

While most other brands have a string of products along the same line to offer to prospective consumers, Jamal claims, “I'd rather make one product that works than introduce a range of products that damage one's hair. Simplicity is best. I believe in the ‘less is more' formula.”

The celebrity hairstylist is also an environmentally conscious person. He states, “The environment is a profound reflection of what we do with our hair. Polluting our environment that results in its depletion can be compared to how we use so many artificial hair products and treatments such as straightening, crimping, colouring and blow drying that ends up damaging our hair.”

Moisture is something that Jamal stresses upon. Right now, it is the Indian woman's hair that has him excited.

“It has a gorgeous sheen to it. However, women must pay attention to the ends and those who have oily roots and dry ends needn't shampoo their hair thoroughly everyday. Shampooing at the scalp and allowing it to wash out through the rest of the hair is a good option. Also, the best thing to do is to get a good haircut.”

Jamal predicts: “Stylish, vibrant colours will be in. Women will not stick to one type of hairstyle. It is all about shiny, movable and touchable hairstyles.”

He also sees shoulder length hair, bobs, longer layers and hairstyles that rocked the 80s to be back with a bang.