MEET Pranitha Janet of Chennai figures in the top ten list of Tanishq’s design contest

Tumbleweed, as its very name suggests, may appear as if it were ‘rolling with the wind’, but the closer you look, the more you will see. Its twigs are, by nature, so intricately coiled that it would be tricky to untwine them. This is what inspired Pranitha Janet, one of the 10 winners of Tanishq’s Mia – My Expression contest, to create her winning ‘tumbleweed’ design. She says she likes the way the branches intertwine and how the tumbleweed appears hollow.

The contest she discovered through an e-mail aims at identifying and rewarding the best creative minds across India. For the contest, Tanishq received more than 3,228 designs from participants and a vast audience across markets in India. The participants designed for Mia, Tanishq’s new line for working women, and the top 10 winners, chosen by audience poll and personal interviews, receive a cash prize of Rs.1,00,000 each.

When asked what she’d do with her cash prize, Pranitha says she’d like to go on a vacation but is not sure where yet. Besides, she gets an opportunity to meet the other winners and Tanishq’s design team in Bangalore to co-create the next Mia collection.

So what makes the ‘tumbleweed’, designed for working women, different from any other jewellery they would wear? Pranitha says it is a simple, yet elegant design. Also unlike most other gold jewellery these days, it has a unique texture. Jewellery for a working environment must strike the right balance — it must stand out but not scream for attention. It would be safe to stand by the motto, simplicity is beauty.

Although her design looks flawless, Pranitha says if she could, she’d add more elements such as a bracelet to her line, which now comprises a pendant and a pair of earrings. Originally a textile designer, she has experience in leather and graphic design, and interior/visual display. Jewellery designing is a recent addition to her list, but it’s nothing new as she says it has a lot of similarities to textiles, except that it is fully shaped and 3D. Pranitha loves combining natural elements and texture with abstract or geometrical shapes and intends to pursue jewellery designing further. Her design, along with those of the other winners, will be unveiled as part of the next Mia collection scheduled to launch later this year.