From simple designs for daily wear to intricate ones for weddings, paper jewellery seems to have caught everyone's fancy. A few designers talk about their creations

From the Heart

Priya Kannan

“Paper is easily available. There is often an excess of paper lying in our homes. Instead of disposing it, why not use it in a creative fashion?” asks Priya Kannan, a paper jewellery designer. Her jewellery is made out of pamphlets, calendars, gift wraps, glossy magazines and even restaurant place mats.

Priya's collection ‘From the Heart' is eye-catching, and blends the trendy and the ethnic. “I have an eye for all kinds of paper and love to make the best out of it. My family and friends give me different kinds of paper to create jewellery,” says Priya.

And, Priya does not repeat her designs. “I do not want people to have the same collection of jewellery,” says Priya. “It is a challenge to always come with new designs, but I enjoy it.”

How long does it take her to finish one set of jewellery? “The art is time-consuming. Earlier, it used to take a few hours, but I can now finish a piece in two hours.”

Her earrings are priced between Rs. 60 and Rs. 180, and sets comprising a chain, earrings and bracelet, between Rs. 250 and Rs. 1,500.

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Ten Fingers

Deepa Sekar

That coffee-brown pendant intricately woven around a wearable wire does not look as if made of paper. That is the high spot of Deepa Sekar's both ethnic and contemporary creations Ten Fingers.

Deepa Sekar says: “Those are daily wear, and go well with Indian and Indo-Western tunics, kurtas, saris and salwar sets.”

The collection is in earthy colours, said to be made of wood-free fibre. “While designing a set, I follow fashion trends, while making sure the jewellery is functional and sturdy.”

Depending on the intricacy of the design, paper used, and the composition, the price for her collection ranges between Rs. 240 and Rs. 400.

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Usha Natrajan & Y. Satyakumar

Traditionally, brides-to-be and their parents have looked for for jewellery in gold and silver with precious stones. But that could change! The intricate sets at Shrikriti, an eco fashion boutique at Mahalingapuram are waiting to be part of a bride's jewellery collection.

Usha Natrajan and Y. Satyakumar customise bridal accessories. Some of their clients have ordered the entire jewellery for their wedding from them. Satyakumar says: “Colourful paper is embellished with semi precious stones and culture beads. We consult brides on the pattern that suits their attire. There is a separate team that designs and assembles the jewellery.” Usha says: “We have about 40 shades of vegetable dyes to choose from.”

A cost for a wedding set comprising earrings, a short and long chain, anklets and head set begins at Rs. 9,000. “The price of the jewellery depends on the materials used. Though the jewellery look heavy, they are extremely light in weight. They are sweat-proof, and do not contain chemicals. But, as with any other jewellery, they need to be handled with care,” cautions Usha.

The duo is looking at e-commerce too. Satyakumar says: “There are a lot of enquiries from overseas.”

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