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Updated: August 14, 2010 19:32 IST

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Going native: Ema Trinidad
Going native: Ema Trinidad

Ema Trinidad heads the Bangalore Expatriate Club

It was solely business that brought her to Bangalore but then she found a myriad reasons to stay on. Filipino Ema Trinidad moved to India three years ago. While she had to choose between Mumbai and Bangalore to settle down and set up her business, she claims Bangalore won hands down!

“I've been in the skin care industry for about 11 years now and have set up business in different parts of the world including Singapore, Malaysia, U.S.A., etc. Shuttling between Dubai and India, I finally zeroed in on moving here for all the right reasons.”

Ema, who runs Smooth 'n' Supple, an anti-ageing specialist spa in Indiranagar, was pleasantly surprised with her research on the Indian market in terms of skin care. “People here have purchasing power and are willing to spend on something only if they get value for their money. After much travelling in and around the country, I realised that it wasn't only about finding a market for the products, I just knew I had to settle here and set up a more service-oriented business,” she explains.

Three years ago, the Bangalore she knew and fell in love with was rather different. “The city was much cleaner. The traffic was definitely not this bad and back then it was mostly air pollution we had to deal with. Now the rising decibel levels drive me crazy.”

On the upside, Ema finds that Bangalore provides one with best of both the worlds. “On the one hand we are stressed out because of the amount of work we've got on our hands as running a business in this city is no easy job, but then it is the same city that gives us the space and the avenues to unwind and relax.”

Ema finds it is easier to operate in a city that is more cosmopolitan, and where the expat community is large. This expat, while in awe of the beauty of Bangalore and its people, feels she would like to see a few changes in the near future. She elucidates: “The attitude of some of the people here should change. They have limiting beliefs and think they can't lead a better life just because they haven't had an opportunity to do so before. Also the work ethics here need some revival. Punctuality seems to be a thing of the past.”

When she isn't busy at her spa or giving talks at different forums, Ema dedicates herself to fulfilling her duty as the vice president of the Bangalore Expatriate Club where she spends her weekends.


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