Swarovski, the crystals that have shone for over a century, have launched their new collection

Located in between the tweed and wool, the Swarovski swan blazes with all the brilliance of precision-cut crystal. It is hypnotic — the call of the pastel and pristine crystal hearts, and you are only too willing to answer.

A business enterprise that has for more than a century set standards in contemporary design has now launched their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection titled, Swing, Sing and Shine. While it is a global collection, the team in India have selected what they thought might interest their Indian clientele, and they showcase a lot of colour.

Started in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, a Bohemian who invented a machine that could cut and polish crystal jewellery stones, continues to be family-owned, by fourth and fifth generation family members. Swarovski has a global reach and presence in over 120 countries.

Creative director Natalie Colin uses this collection to tell the story of a multi-faceted young woman as she evolves from a student to a starlet becoming accustomed to fame and the limelight. The collection speaks of a woman who is confident, successful and can wear these pieces and stand out.

The collection is built around a story that involves two themes – “Sweet Sixties” and “In the Spotlight”. In the “Sweet Sixties” collection, the one that stands out is the Regency necklace, a piece that combines modernity and vintage styling. The necklace has a lilac ribbon that echoes the violet reflections of the crystals and jewelled flowers linked between them.

Another piece you cannot ignore is the large lips bangle. It heralds the come back of a retro design with coloured crystal encrusted.

Take note of the Rainbow set which is made up of earrings and a bangle with the oval symbol of the 1960s reworked with colour block styling.

The piece has individual lines of delicate mini crystals in black, green, blue, red and yellow. Or even the Raphaela necklace which takes a tubular form and features a gradation of crystals in pink, red and orange.

Visit Swarovski at Unit No. 106, Forum Mall, Koramangala or Unit No. 111, I Floor, Garuda Mall, 15 Magrath Road. For details call 22067788/ 66641088.