A quiz on books organised as part of the West Rotary Book Fair 2013

“Which is the only publication of the Vikatan group that doesn’t bear the logo of the Vikatan thatha?”, asks quiz master M. Rangarajan to the finalists.

“Time Pass,” comes the reply from one of the teams. This magazine which features juicy gossip on film stars, politicians and others who are in the news for the wrong reasons, does not carry the familiar mascot which is carried in all it’s other publications.

What is common between the books “Blade Runner” and “Slumdog Millionaire?” Both the original book titles were changed to the names of the movies and republished.

Intriguing questions such as these on book authors, odd book titles, cryptic clues and many others had the participants racking their brains, as they were locked in a close contest at the Book Quiz. The quiz was part of the West Rotary Book Fair currently underway at the Suguna Auditorium in Avanashi Road.

Around 40 participants participated in the preliminary written round, out of which six teams were selected for the finals. Five rounds on questions were posed on various genres of books, ranging from fiction, biographies, spiritual, management, self-help and wildlife to entertainment publications, both in English and Tamil.

It was a gripping contest as the three teams were separated by just a margin of five points each.

For members of the Coimbatore Quiz Circle, all of whom made it to the finals, it was a fun and competitive evening which made them realise that there is more to books than meets the eye.

“The quiz went down the wire to the last question, which went unanswered. The quality of the questions were high and required people with an eclectic knowledge base to crack them,” said K. Natarajan, who finished third along with his partner S. Karthik.

The team of Sheilendra Bhansali and Senthil Kumar won the first prize in the Book Quiz.

The West Rotary Book Fair is on till October 10 at Suguna Auditorium. Expo timings are from 11 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.