Doing up home interiors? Check out Artisann's Guild in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi

Wood is in! Or so it appears by the number of ‘wood' furniture-artefact-curio shops that have cropped up in the city. Artisann's Guild, in Panampilly Nagar is the newest addition to the list.


Tucked inside the 7th cross road this store is a veritable treasure trove of goodies for those looking to do up their houses. Interesting wooden curios such as photo frames, shelves, racks, coat hangers, candle-holders, furniture…there are small things that would steal your heart and tug (pull, actually) your purse strings. You wouldn't mind opening your purses/wallets just a bit because the prices are not intimidating.

That is not to say that the store is just about all things wooden, there is cutlery and there are metal curios/statuettes. The products are sourced from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan etc. The wares are not your average ‘exhibition' fare, these are different and carefully put together. For instance there is this set of planters of buckets which harks back to a different time and a different place. Then there are the mirrors with wooden frames – some polished, some distressed (a finish).

Handmade cutlery perfect for those get togethers are ‘made somewhere in the North using food grade steel', according to Jesna Madhavan of the store. These are shiny and tempting. “For the wooden furniture which is also sourced from the ‘North' is made of sheesham which is to them as teak is to us,” she says. The shop is worth a dekko.