Eating out ‘Deli at Gateway’ at The Gateway Hotel is the latest hangout for coffee and more

So, with ‘Deli at Gateway' (of the Gateway Hotel) Kochi gets a deli. Deli is the abbreviated form of delicatessen and the concept of a deli is as different as there are continents. If in one continent (Europe) the associations are extremely high on the luxe quotient, then in part of another continent (United States) it is a marriage of convenience (sandwiches, baguettes, breads, milkshakes, coffee etc and meats) and fine food.

To cut a long story short, in the context of the ‘Deli' in Kochi, it is a place where you get ‘delicious things to eat'. The ambience is one to fall in love with.

Great ambience

Just think about it, when was the last time a restaurant (kind of) space spoke to you, or rather whisper? Therefore as you step into the Deli from the Marine Drive side, the name (board) has been stuck on what looks like an amateur's direction map to Marine Drive. Remember, when you were little, those tiny silver coloured globules on birthday cakes (pastries were a rarity then!)? The name board looks like it has been made of these things, of course on a larger scale and different shape too.

Then there is a map,like you see in google of New York City, which apparently is a replica of the Big Apple's skyline and doubles up as a shelf for breads. Are you thinking why New York? It's because New York is known for its delis. Rather than unnecessarily cramming walls with artwork, this is new and welcome. One wall represents the hull of a ship and the other the citylights (?) of Kochi from the sky, Rahul Mathew, the F&B manager tells us. To make things simple, the wall looks like biscuits on a tray just waiting to be relished but for the plasma TV embedded in-between. And those filament bulbs, remember those, over the counter that can be dimmed or brightened? Retro melds beautifully and unobtrusively into the contemporary.

Black bean bags, very comfy red revolving chairs, bar stools…you can just hang out at the Deli and sip your coffee, tea or milkshake, take a bite of that slice of quiche, torte or sandwich, chocolates, pastry or tart and watch the world go by. Or catch up with the gang or with the only one, and just chill. The rates are reasonable, for instance a chocolate truffle pastry will cost you Rs. 25. If you are worried about your calorie intake then worry not because the portions are just right, not too much, not too little. There are ice creams too.

Besides if you are travelling and you want a packed meal (say breakfast or some snacks), just call (0484 – 2371471) in advance and place your order. If you can't make up your mind, the Deli will do it for you. The Deli opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m., so if you want to grab that after movie snack or after dinner ice cream or coffee, head to the Deli.

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