(Serves two)

Chicken: 70 gms

Pineapple (julienne): 60 gms

Onion (sliced): 20 gms

Capsicum and tomato (sliced): 10 gms each

Fresh cream: One Tsp

Chopped parsley: One pinch

Lettuce Romaine: One leaf

Mayonnaise: Two Tbsp

For Mayonnaise:

Whole egg: one

Salad oil: 300 ml

Vinegar: One drop

Mustard powder: One pinch

Crushed pepper and salt: To taste

Make your own mayonnaise sauce. Beat egg well while adding salad oil drop by drop.

When the egg foam thickens, add vinegar, mustard powder, pepper and salt and mix well.

Refrigerate for 10 minutes.

Boil chicken and cut into juliennes. In a salad bowl, mix pineapple and all other raw vegetables with chicken.

Add mayonnaise sauce, cream and chopped parsley as dressing. Check seasoning. Arrange on lettuce leaf. Sprinkle half a spoon sugar and lemon juice over the salad before serving.

Chef Ramalingam is at the helm of the continental kitchen in the new branch of Hotel Banana Leaf on Karur Bypass Road. With 15 years of experience behind him in star hotels and cruise liners, he evinces keen interest in creative food presentation.

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