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Madhuvanthi Senthilkumar and Nikhil Joseph blend art and functionality through their creations

Where should art exist? In the homes of the elite and well-heeled, on the walls of fusty museums and art galleries, in public spaces — a busy road junction, a crowded metro station, a walkers’ park, a billboard that grazes the sky?

But it doesn’t need to stop there. The Postbox, a city-based art and lifestyle platform, started by Madhuvanthi Senthilkumar and Nikhil Joseph, marries art to functionality, allowing it to seep into unusual places including cushion-covers, coasters, note-books and tablemats.

“I have always been fascinated by art,” says Nikhil, a former advertising professional. “But it is hard for young and upcoming artists to showcase their work. We are providing a platform for them to do that by taking their work and using it on our products.”

Madhuvanthi, who is pursuing a Masters in Fashion Direction and Management from Milan, adds, “Our products have been chosen carefully based on those items that people use on a daily basis. It's the most effective way to transform art onto something that is functional. As a designer myself, I felt someone needs to take the initiative to help talented people monetise their work.”

Currently, their product range comprises six products which include canvas, notebooks, postcards, cushion covers, tablemats and coasters but they plan to increase their product offering to include lampshades, laptop sleeves and hand-made mugs, over the next couple of years. According to Madhu, “We plan on launching products that bring several art forms together. Integrating various art and design forms enriches the experience of using a particular product,” she says.

While the products are art-inspired, they aren’t unaffordable says Nikhil, “We wanted to offer products that are value for money.” The designs are culled from a mixture of everyday living, cartoons and movies, music, nature, cities and fine art. Madhu explains,” We focus on elements that have been an integral part of our growing up, memories that people want to belong to, and moments that they want to bring back. Our collections have been conceptualised keeping this in mind.”

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