ART Mukhtar Kazi believes the doorways in India’s forts and palaces are gateways to the country’s rich past

Mukhtar Kazi celebrates India’s architectural heritage in his paintings of doorways, his exhibition of watercolours is currently on display at the Alliance Francaise.

Mukhtar sets out to capture the doorways of historic forts, palaces and havelis across North India from Rajasthan to Agra. He paints steps leading to a doorway at the Lohagarh Fort, the stones, a rich grey that has matured over time. He paints the doorway at the Panhala Fort, leading into a sunlit courtyard, leading into yet another doorway. He paints a pillared corridor lined with plants in Mumbai’s fort area.

Sometimes he paints the view through the doorway-window of the Agra fort, depicting one of the towers topped with a dome. He also paints the Jaipur Lake Palace in all its glory.

“I paint historical doors of forts and palaces. We have a rich architectural heritage and a beautiful past and people should remember that. These doors are like doorways to the past. This is my tribute to this rich heritage,” says Mukhtar, a Thane-based self-taught artist. He has previously shown in works in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, Bangalore and Riyadh.

“I chose to paint the series in watercolours because it is a light and bright medium. It balances the heaviness of the subject.”

His choice of watercolours also adds a narrative appeal to the work while enhancing the textures of his subjects be it iron, marble or red stone. This can be seen across the range of architecture he captures whether it is the Junagarh Fort, the doors of the Purana Qila or the door to the Shekhavati havelis.

Mukhtar’s series titled “Heritage” will be on display at the Alliance Francaise, Thimmaiah Road, Vasanth Nagar, until January 20. For details, contact Shujaat Abrar at 9821576784.