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Updated: September 12, 2010 16:38 IST

Ask Shahnaz

Shahnaz Husain
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For the beauty tips that are perfect for you, Ask Shehnaz. Photo: Special Arrangement
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For the beauty tips that are perfect for you, Ask Shehnaz. Photo: Special Arrangement

Beautician Shahnaz Husain offers tips and answers queries. Send your queries to

I use a face wash and face cream. When should I use sunscreen? Can it be applied with the face cream? Also, what is a toner, and when should it be used?Rubini

A sunscreen should be used 20 minutes before going out in the sun. You can use a sunscreen with SPF 15 or 20. If your skin is oily, look for an oil-free product. A face cream does not have to be used along with a sunscreen, because most sunscreens are also moisturisers. A toner helps close the pores and stimulate blood circulation. After cleansing the face, use a skin toner, according to your skin type. Rose water is a natural skin toner. If you have an oily skin, use an astringent-toner. It will reduce oiliness and close the pores.

Can you please suggest a remedy to make the nails stronger?Sandhya

Warm some pure almond oil or olive oil. Soak the finger tips in it for 10 minutes. Then, massage the oil into the nails. Include adequate protein and calcium in your diet, such as skimmed milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, egg, fish and sprouts. Dissolve a teaspoon of gelatin in a little boiling water. Cool the water and add it to fruit juice. Have this every day for 10 days.

I got my pimples treated, but they have reappeared in the region between the ear and cheeks. Can you suggest a permanent remedy? Daizy

Since the pimples are reoccurring near the ear and cheeks, the cause might be oily hair and scalp. After washing your hair, add the juice of a lemon to a mug of water and use as last rinse. Wash your pillow covers every day in warm soapy water to which a little anti-septic solution has been added. Wash your face twice a day with a medicated soap. Then, wipe with an astringent lotion, using cotton wool. Apply sandalwood paste on the pimples. You can also boil neem leaves over a low fire, make a paste of the leaves and apply every day on pimple-prone areas. Wash with plain water after 20 minutes. Also, include fresh fruits, raw salads, sprouts and yoghurt in your daily diet. Drink six to eight glasses of water every day. Add the juice of a lemon to a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning. 

I have some a little grey hair. I want to dye my hair, but I am allergic to chemical dyes and colours. I bought a herbal dye with henna, which colours the hair black, but it causes allergy. Why does this happen? And, can you please teach me how to make herbal dye at home?Geeta

There is no henna or herbal dye that colours hair black. Obviously, the ‘herbal dye' you bought contains chemicals too. The only herbal hair dye is henna, but it will colour the hair a reddish brown. Amla is said to check greying; so, you can add amla to henna powder. Soak a handful of dry amla in about two to three cups of water, overnight. Next morning, strain the water, but don't throw it away. Grind the amla. To the henna powder, add the ground amla, four teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee, two raw eggs, two teaspoons oil and enough amla water to make a thick paste. Let the paste stay for a couple of hours before you apply it on the hair. Keep it on for at least two hours, and wash with plain water. Ask your doctor to prescribe Vitamins C and B-Complex.

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