Rare orchids, innovative decorations and vegetable carvings are some of the attractive highlights of the Kovai Flower Show-2013

A colourful arch welcomes you as you enter the venue. As soon as you step in and look towards your right, white carnation flowers spell out the name of the show.

A giant Chhota Bheem, his arms folded in a reverential ‘namaste’ smiles at you. Right next to him is a friendly panda bear, and a few school girls quickly pose next to them and get their pictures clicked.

These are the star attractions at the Kovai Flower Show 2013 being organised by Innovative Trade Fairs at the Padmavathi Ammal Cultural Centre in Peelamedu. Over 50,000 flowers from 100 different varieties of flower families are on display at the three-day show.

The Chhota Bheem is nine feet tall and made up of 10,000 carnations. The friendly panda, about five feet tall, has 5,000 gerberas giving it shape.

But it is not just the giant floral decorations that catch the eye. The Jesus orchid, called by that name cause the tip of the flower resembles a holy cross, is a rare sight. Most of the flowers have been imported from America, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and the Netherlands.

“It took us over 20 hours to put together this show. Our attempt is to bring aspects of the popular flower shows of Ooty and Kodaikanal to the city as well,” says G. Venkatramesh, the organiser.

An ultrasonic humidifier blows out moisture, to create the misty effect which is seen in hill stations.

It is not all flowers though. There are innovative vegetable carvings by students of the Catering Science and Hotel Management department of Sri Jayendra Saraswati College of Arts and Science. The pick of the lot is a carving of Lord Ganesha sitting with a tanpura. Carrots, pumpkins and vazhaithandu make up the idol. The Christmas spirit is captured with a carving of a deer, replete with carrots. The little mermaid, her fins made up of brinjals and carrots looks rather nice. A crocodile carved out of pineapple, its mouth wide open gives you a jolt.

“I have never seen so many flowers being put together in one venue. I specifically brought my children along for the show as they wanted to see how their favourite carton characters looked when decorated as flowers,” says Aruna Kandhasamy, a visitor.

The flower show is on till December 22, from 10.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Entry tickets cost Rs. 50 per person.