Riding is not about showing off, it is about safety, concern and respect. Prabalika M Borah goes on ride.

You don’t just fire the engine and set off on a long journey if you have a fancy bike which promises sturdiness, good mileage and all the other reasons that make the bike so compelling. Going on a long ride on a fancy two-wheeler is a lot about body, mind and respect for the road and others on the road. That’s what the ‘Indian bike week — chai pakoda ride’ organised in the city a few weeks ago was all about. The participating groups were Wolfe Pack India, The Bikerni, Hyderabad Royals, KOGHYD (KTM Owners Group Hyderabad), Hyderabad Ninja 250R, Riders, BBC (Bikers Brotherhood Club), Ironheads, Harley Owners Group (HOG) and Highway Nawab.

Riders take note

Riding is not about being a show off. Nor is it about ego.

Basic safety gears are a must.

To go on a long ride, a little preparation is required. Beginners should start with smaller rides to be able to build the stamina and willpower for long rides.

Never, ever ride with your ear plugs on. On the road, ears are your eyes as well.

No one should hit the road without a sturdy helmet or shoes to protect your feet.

It’s necessary to have both the rear view mirrors.

Sleep tips

Feeling sleepy is a common problem on long ride. And the leader should keep a good watch over the group while riding. If any member is seen swaying even a little bit, he should be alerted. The group should be alert

An unplanned power nap should rejuvenate the group. All it takes it to remove the helmet and place it on top of the petrol tank and rest your head on it.

Eat an apple. That will keep you awake for at least 40 minutes.

Splash soda on your face. It refreshes you and drives away sleep.

And the men say being independent adults doesn’t give them the liberty to simply, ‘get, set and go.’

So, when different bikers’ groups decide on a ride, irrespective of the number of participants and proficiency in riding, the rules are stringent and fixed; “safety gear, road safety and respecting the vehicle.” Or else “Get out, as simple as that. We cannot compromise anyone’s safety because of one person’s stupidity,” says Anoop Pamu, who manages the KTM owner’s group in Hyderabad.

The bikers’ group in the city is a niche lot who are not just fancy bike riders but ride the bikes while not forgetting to respect the machine, the road and the fellow passengers. The group is represented by Papa Wolfe, aka DJ Black Jack, Dilip Anjaria, Ricken Desai and Anoop Pamu. Ricken who had recently returned from a long trip with a few others from HOG showed no signs of fatigue. “That’s because everything is well planned. We plan our pit stops, routes, speed everything well in advance and see to it that everyone who is riding stick to the guidelines. We may extend or increase a few stops depending on weather conditions or unforeseen difficulties. A well planned ride is all it takes to keep the stress out of our mind and body,” said Ricken who rides a Harley. Ricken’s Harley came after a hiatus of 9 years of not having a two-wheeler.

Normally different groups ride out on their own and don’t ride together, However, on one occasion, a few weeks ago, Papa Wolfe organised a small ride and invited bikers to be a part of the ride. “The exercise was to create awareness, meet and discuss the common interests — riding safe,” says David, aka Papa Wolfe of Wolfe Pack.

Wolfe Pack is one the oldest groups in the city which is now a national group of Bullet owners. David loves it when he is called Papa Wolfe and says, “Being the eldest and the founder of the group, the name is quite flattering. And the Papa that I am, I still ride a Bullet 350 cc which is now like an icon and I have been riding it for 11 years.”

Before shifting to a Bullet, David rode a TVS/Java for 17 years and says, “To be able to ride any automobile, it is first important to know the machine.” Anoop Pamu is quick to agree. “As an owner of a KTM I say it is not just about showing off on the road. A proud owner shouldn’t be a proud driver. Without proper control, the bike can take you for a ride literally. Going over a pothole can be different on a Bullet and a KTM. On a KTM you will fly off unlike the Bullet.”

However, the riders reiterate that with a few safety norms and a good formation on the road, a lot of mishaps can be avoided.David says there have been instances when the longest rides have proved to be safe due to the formations and the coordination. “Most of the times the body gives up when we know the destination is a couple of kilometres away. Then the one behind you or by your side will identify the signs either with your speed or by your riding,” says Dilip Anjari another member of Wolfe Pack.

While riding is the primary goal of all the clubs in the city, the other reason the groups go on rides are to meet like-minded people, discover new routes and places and also “relish the food on the roadside of the highways,” laughs Papa Wolfe.