Yamaha arms YZF-R15 and FZ16 with a slew of racy new products boost pace and performance

Yamaha’s super quick YZF-R15 and FZ16 have been armed with a factory-fitted Daytona racing kits making them run even faster. Yamaha recently succeeded in re-invigorating Indian biking with a slew of racy new products. But it isn’t resting on its laurels. The FZ turning into a refreshed FZ-S post-makeover was a mere teaser. Yamaha has more than just cosmetic changes in store for true bikers in India. The company’s new YEC (Yamaha Engineering Corporation)-developed Daytona racing kits are here.

Today, the YZF-R15 is India’s bike to beat on the performance front. This benchmark motorcycle has single-handedly redefined ‘performance’ for Indian bikers, mainly by its sharpness in cutting the corners. The R15’s mastery over winding stretches is unsurpassed, making a pro of even an amateur rider.

Dig deeper into the kits and there’s a feast in store for performance buffs. A bolt-on ECU will replace the existing stock unit to offer aggressive new mapping with single-minded tuning in the interest of outright performance. A stainless steel silencer works to provide best results when combined with the ECU. Be warned though for we found the modified R15 with this silencer sounds like an entirely different beast as compared to the stock bike, very loud, and perpetually yelling at the rider to ride in ‘fast forward’ mode. The cylinder head internals also sport a high-lift cam, with far more aggressive lobe profiles. And the top of the bike airbox has been modified to breathe in higher volumes of air-fuel cocktail into the R15 cylinder.

New alloy chain sprockets are on the cards, geared to quicken the bike’s acceleration all the way up to its newfound 12,000rpm limit, from a previous high of around 9800rpm. Yamaha tells us the fully blown R15, when equipped with all its performance aids, is capable of 30 per cent extra power, and that’s without touching upon better braking character and cosmetic add-ons. Cracking the throttle from closed to an open floodgates position is faster and simpler on the modded R15, with the quick throttle system now shortening the circular travel. There’s little to compare between a stock R15 acceleration graph and one that’s benefited from all the modifications.

The modified bike zips from zero to 60kph in 3.78 seconds, a mere fraction slower than India’s recently crowned performance bike, the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i which takes 3.77 seconds. But it is clearly faster than the 220 to 100kph, going past the barrier in 10.67sec. While we didn’t get a chance to data log a top speed on the modified R15, this is also up at well over a true 125kph that we managed to record while running out of road at the end of the back straight of Sriperumbudur’s test track, with the bike still accelerating hard and only in fifth gear. We would estimate a true top whack of 10kph higher to the speed we touched. The R15 accelerates blindingly fast and comes to a halt just as quickly with the new effective petal-shaped disc brakes. Yamaha now also gives you the option of HID headlights on its bikes.

For those who push their YZF-R15 on track, there is now the option of going in for racing motorcycle props, mount points that are fitted to the bike’s axles. This allows you to race your bike free of its main and side stands. A pillion seat cowl does away with the baby R1’s rear saddle and completes a transformation into a single-seat track demon. Amazing detail touches such as billet-finished parts and bolts will be available for both Yamahas. Parts which should be standard kit on all Indian motorcycles are here for the taking, with Yamaha providing adjustable levers, better-quality mirrors and tank-protecting pads.

With an unbelievably smooth engine, ferocious grip and an audacious attitude, the FZ-16 has drawn enough attention and sales for Yamaha. The performance bits for this bike are not as comprehensive as for the R15, with the engine not touched upon. New alloy sprockets alter overall gearing, making for improved performance. As with the R15, expect a stainless steel silencer and quick throttle system. Larger petal-type front disc brake, braided brake hose and uprated master cylinder for the system are the other modifications for the FZ.


Gadgets on the go October 13, 2009

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