Tenderloin (fillet): 250 gm

For Adobo marination

Chopped garlic: Three gm

Oregano, crushed black pepper, cumin, paprika powder: Two gms each

Lime juice: Two ml

For tomato salsa

Olive Oil: 10 ml

Tomatoes and green chilli (chopped): Two each

Coriander (chopped): One sprig

Lime juice: Two ml

For tossed turned vegetables

Turned potatoes: Four

Turned carrots, yellow and green zucchini: Two each

Green lettuce: One leaf

Chilli oil: Two ml

Salt: To taste


Clean and cut the tenderloin fillet into steak size.

Next prepare the adobo marination by mixing all the ingredients as mentioned above. Adobo is a popular marinade for meat in the Carribean and Central America. The ingredients vary widely, but most have a base of oil, garlic and some type of acidic ingredient.

Marinate the tenderloin fillets in adobo marination and prepare the tomato salsa.

Salsa is used as an all-purpose condiment in Mexico. This basic and spicy variation is prepared by mixing olive oil with lime juice, chopped tomatoes chopped green chilli and coriander and salt.

Cook the marinated tenderloin fillets to the desired doneness.

Boil the turned potatoes, carrots, yellow and green zucchini and drain out the excess water. Add a pinch of sugar and toss it in olive oil.

Serve the tenderloin fillets with tomato salsa and turned potatoes, carrots, yellow and green chilli. At the end drizzle chilli oil over the dish

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