Dine in or pack a meal at Main Course

Main Course is a new eatery that has come up on the premises of the Narmada Shopping Complex near Toll Junction, Kowdiar. It is a boon for shoppers who would like a quick bite or a parcel to take home.

As is the case with most eateries in the city, the menu at Main Course is rather extensive with North Indian dishes being the restaurant’s speciality and the ubiquitous Chinese featuring in the list too. I order a dal makhani, roti, cheese garlic naan, non-vegetarian stuffed paratha, dum aloo Punjabi and chicken noodles.

As the waiter says kebabs are one of the restaurant’s specialities, I order a mixed kebab platter. I take in the ambience as I wait for the order to materialise.

There are two dining sections at Main Course. While one is an air-conditioned hall adjacent to Narmada’s provision store, the other is an al fresco dining area.

The food comes in neatly packed in containers, I can’t wait to dig in to the food once I reach home.

We start with the kebabs. There are four varieties of kebabs in the platter: chilly milly, hazari, hariyali and reshmi. I take a cautious bite into the blazing red chilly milly.

It is surprisingly not as spicy as it looks. In fact, it reminds of chicken tikka. The rich flavours of coriander and mint come through with each bite in the green coloured hariyali kebab.

The other two kebabs fail to tickle my taste buds, although the cheese used as an ingredient in these kebabs, does ooze out in each bite. Dal makhani with black lentils and kidney beans is rather bland and the kidney beans need to be cooked a tad longer.

Although the dum aloo Punjabi does not look appetizing, with two huge chunks sticking out of the gravy, it is surprisingly tasty and goes well with the flaky rotis and ‘garlicy’ cheese garlic naan.

The huge chunks are nothing more than fried stuffed aloo (paneer and potato with a hint of spices) cooked in thick, creamy gravy.

The stuffing of minced chicken, onion and green chilli in the non-veg stuffed paratha is seasoned perfectly. Bites of sand have us put the noodle dish aside.

The restaurant which is open throughout the week functions from 12 noon to 3 p.m. and from 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

Contact: 8943077708/ 0471 6056665