Rolls United brings together many cuisines on a single plate

Rolls United is located on the corner of the food street of Koramangala.

The name would suggest that the place is only about rolls, but as we were to discover that is not quite the case. It boasts of a homely feel and has a panel that mentions Rolls United in many languages, including Malayalam.

Now moving on to the food, we start the meal with the delightful Samarkhand Shashlik, a central-Asian starter with skewered paneer and veggies. The portions are huge and the slight tanginess makes it a must try for vegetarians. Diet-conscious eaters could chomp on the Good morning Vietnam, an assortment of fresh vegetables rolled in Thai rice paper. The Buffalo wings is prepared in American style with a host of sauces. It is high on the oil but provides an excellent sweet-sour taste that can convert non believers in an instant. The off-white Khukra momos are also a delight of sorts, especially when sampled with the excellent sauces on offer. The Quesdilla con pollo, a Mexican dish offering cheese, chicken and an assortment of veggies offers a host of tastes as you bite into each layer, making it another must try item. The creamy chicken soup was heavenly, with oodles of cream and a sweet coconut flavour in the background. We also tried the chicken burritos, two massive fried burritos filled with chicken and an assortment of veggies served with rice and a sauce. The burritos were excellent, though a little oily and the rice helped make it seem more like a meal in itself. The spicy Murgh Hyderbadi, with a high level of spice is recommended for those who love chillies.

We finish the meal with a sampling of the Thai lychee cream dessert, which combines soft cream, flavoured milk and lychee pieces. It is located at 15, I main road, I Block, Koramangala. Call 41314847