A restaurant devoted to the humble peanut

We've all heard of theme-based restaurants. Now, imagine one that is dedicated to peanut-based products! Welcome to Peanut Planet.

At first glance, this outlet can easily be mistaken for a regular sweet shop, but once inside, you enter a world peopled by peanuts. Peanut Planet offers a variety of sweets and snacks, but with a twist — most of the products are low-fat. Apparently, all the products available here are processed in a fashion that reduces the cholesterol content.

So, even when you indulge in their peanut mixture or peanut laddus, you don't feel all that guilty. So, what does the store offer? Peanut grape halwa, peanut Mysore pak, peanut poli (which is unbelievably light compared to the regular poli), sweet peanut samosas and melt-in-the-mouth peanut soan papdi.

All the snacking does eventually get you thirsty, and its time to slurp on peanut badam milk and peanut milk.

If you still want dessert, there is a wide variety of peanut-based rasmalais to wolf down.

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