ITC serves you breakfast much ahead of all other restaurants – you can sleep after breakfast

Imagine you are working late into the night and as the Cinderella hour strikes, hunger pangs take over. With the midnight deadline enforced by the city police where would one go to satiate one's hunger?

On Fridays and Saturdays, you could head to the ITC Gardenia, which is offering a breakfast at midnight, a buffet spread of a host of delicacies.

On offer are hot waffles with the option to dunk it in maple syrup or ice cream, masala omelettes being cooked at the live counter made to specifications, nirali gosht and chicken biryani, different variants of pastas, paratas etc. We launch an assault on the waffles and pancakes on offer and add liberal helpings of maple syrup and a scoop for chocolate ice cream that helps up the taste. The combination works perfectly, and the waffles were freshly baked and tasted delicious.

Another item that is worth mention is the omelette. The masala omelette served with a bun was spicy and is served with a liberal helping of spinach, making it a fairly healthy midnight snack. The chefs at the live counter also dish out hot paneer and laccha parathas or the meat-based keema baida paratha, all of which tastes best with a small helping of cold curd and pickle. Finish the meal with an assortment of desserts to choose from the cold lassis to the fruit salad mixed in malai, apart from the regular ice-creams and cakes. The midnight buffet is priced at Rs. 750 and is available on Fridays and Saturdays.

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