Combine avocado and mango to make a delicious salad

Summer's at its peak, a perfect time to keep cool with salads, fruits and vegetables. Avocado is a great fruit to chill out with as it contains vital nutrients and phytochemicals. The fruit is native to Mexico but is widely available in most parts of the world. Ripe avocado has a soft, creamy texture and is usually served raw.

Avocado provides many nutritional and health benefits. It contains monounsaturated fat. It is a good source of B vitamins, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and potassium. The fruit has high fibre content.

Eating avocado is believed to lower blood cholesterol levels, blood pressure and keep heart diseases at bay because it contains Vitamin E. The antioxidants in this fruit help regulate blood sugar, promote eye health and prevent aging of skin.

Now, for a recipe.

Avocado and mango salad


Avocado: 1

Iceberg lettuce: 60 gm

Baby spinach: 20 gm

Mango: 1

Lime juice: 10 ml

Broccoli florets: 20 gm

Olive oil: 15 ml

Salt: 1gm

Crushed black peppercorn: 1 gm

Method: Skin the avocado and remove the stone from fruit. Slice the avocado.

Peel and dice the mangoes. Chill all the above ingredients. Toss the iceberg lettuce, spinach, pepper and avocado with lime juice and olive oil. Season the salad with salt and crushed peppercorn. Put the diced mango on the salad. Serve chilled.

The same salad can be seasoned with different spices or chilli flakes to make it more interesting.

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