Madurai’s first exclusive juice cafe, quenches your thirst with some innovative drinks

The sun is beating down and everybody is looking for ways to combat the heat. And, Liquidzz… naturally fresh, the newly opened little outlet on Lake View Road is making merry with a menu card that lists more than 200 types of juices, shakes, smoothies and (for those who want it) hot beverages.

The cafe (the fourth in the State with branches in Erode and Coimbatore) has an abundance of super healthy options. The regulars from the ‘Walkers’ Club’ troop in every other day for the glass of chilled carrot-n-celery surprise or the power-packed beetroot booster.

I try the drink called detox-ification, a sweet and mild juicy combination of ginger, carrot and apple scanning the colourful and informative panels on the health benefits of fruits, vegetables and chocolate, that line the walls. It is hot and I order my second drink called body & soul. The cucumber, grapes and mint combo cools me down instantly. Next to me a bunch of college girls sip sun glow, a mix of orange and strawberry. While taking the order, the youthful co-partner of Liquidzz, K.Guhan, has briefed them about the drink and explained how it will make their skin glow.

There is a host of drinks with exotic names such as the green goddess (kiwi, orange, apple and mint), Kabul express (fried pomegranate), galloping garlic or melon and mango dreams.

“A little twist,” says Guhan, “helps to keep the menu interesting” and he cajoles me into trying the vegetable smoothie scarlet fever or the mild creamy lift-me-up. There are also faloodas and shakes to choose from. The shakes are made with a variety of imported chocolates, oreo biscuits and brownies.

G.Deepak launched the first branch of Liquidzz in 2010 in Erode, along with his school friend Guhan. Deepak who worked in TCS Chennai, was impressed by a fruit shop on Greams Road serving exclusive desserts and shakes.

He took a year’s break to try out something different.

He decided if his new dream did not work out he would return to his regular job. That did not happen after all as the friends started their second outlet in Coimbatore in 2012 and a second one in Erode last year.

They are already scouting for a second shop in Madurai and five more in Tamil Nadu in the coming months.

They have plans to soon serve the Punjabi lassi, the Andhra spicy falooda and Tamil Nadu’s coconut water shake.

Every item and ingredient used is fresh, says Guhan. All it takes is some innovation to give the drink an extra edge.

Guhan and Deepak are also planning to provide extra seating outside in anticipation of the rush during the summer months ahead. Along with the drinks there will also be ‘bites section’.

The chicken egg balls which is whipped egg cooked on a paniyaram plate with a fried chicken ball sitting in the centre, is the current hot favourite.

There is a stream of walk-ins. Some of them take away the drinks, others prefer to have them then and there. Says Guhan, “We have not yet started earning money. We are only in the process of earning a name.”


Heat-buster, with a topping of ice-creamApril 12, 2014