Prawns are never in need of company. They hog the limelight wherever they go. Here, however, they take on an irresistible avatar, as wine, peppers and a handful of sauces make them truly out of this world. Pan-fried prawns are drenched in a rich sauce given a new facet with wine here. Further, with a name like drunken prawns, it just gets more interesting.

Whole Drunken Prawns Chilli wine


4 pieces Jumbo prawns

2 tbsp chopped three peppers

1 tbsp chopped red onion

1 tbsp chopped spring onion green

1 tbsp chopped garlic

5 tbsp oil

1 tbsp oyster sauce

2 chopped tomatoes

1 tea cup of stock

1 tbsp light soya sauce

1 tbsp chilli oil

1 tbsp potato starch

1 tbsp salt

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp sesame oil

2 tbsp cooking wine


Half cut all prawns from top with shell. Then marinate with salt, sugar and sesame oil. Lightly dust with corn flour and pan fry it in two tablespoons oil. Keep it in a platter.

Preparation of sauce

Pour two tablespoons oil into a pan. Put the rest of the ingredients into it but take care to pour in the wine last. Prepare it for about two minutes, and then take it off the fire and pour the sauce on top of the prawns.

Cooking has struck a chord since childhood with Sandup Lepcha, Executive Chef at Yum Yum Tree. A career in the kitchen began when his cousin called him to Delhi from West Bengal about 17 years ago. It has been an eventful journey ever since.

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For the good timesSeptember 4, 2009

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