The summer menu at the recently revamped Storm Bar & Grill in East of Kailash is worth a try

New restaurants are mushrooming in Delhi every other daybut there are some old ones still in the competition. Though it’s tough, with palates evolving day by day, I am surprised that Storm Bar & Grill, nestled in the city’s East of Kailash, is doing pretty good.

A decade-old restaurant, Storm Bar & Grill, has been revamped recently and now offers a new summer menu consisting of world cuisines. Its interior is classy and modern with comfy sofas reflecting a nice lounge feel. The menu seems extensive with Indian, Mexican, Italian and Continental dishes.

To get a feel of the place, I order a tomato soup first. It arrives quickly. The bright orange colour and its viscosity reminds me of a typical home-style soup made to perfection topped with some bread crumbs. Fighting for those bread crumbs with my younger sister was a usual affair which she would invariably win.

My first starter at the restaurant is a very nicely presented skewer grilled chicken. The chicken, nicely seasoned, is good but being a boneless piece from the breast, it is chewy. Barring that, everything which follows is exceptional here. Storm crispy fried chicken marinated in a balsamic dressing and coated with cornflakes just before deep frying, is so crunchy and tasty. I think the dish can easily win against many International QSR offerings.

Its Indian dishes are good too, specially kothmir ka chicken tikka. A lot of attention has been paid to present the tikka in a small tandoor where the stainless skewers hold the tikka and when served gets a nice smoked flavour of charcoal present in it. Even the tangri kebab is full on succulence and worth every bite.

Just to test the skills of the chef, I have chermoula marinated fish skewers. Surprisingly, they are as good as their Indian counterparts. I get so stuck by its impressive array of Indian starters that I skip the pastas, enchiladas, the grilled Continental fare and straightaway order the main course from the Indian section. Kadhai chicken , martaban gosht , Hyderabadi biryani and jannat-e-numa with some assorted breads are more than enough for me to get stuffed. Both the chicken and the mutton are so good that it becomes tough for me to decide which one I should have as my last bite.

Jannat-e-numa, a vegetarian dish prepared with a spinach gravy having potato barrels stuffed with coriander and raisins, is quite refreshing. In all, the place has changed for a good time to follow.

Storm Bar & Grill

Where:F 39, East of Kailash, New Delhi

What: Summer menu promotion

Timings: 12:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Meal for two: Rs.1200 (exclusive of taxes)

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