Food station: Both simple and tasty, the dish can leave you craving for more

Love prawns? Want to try out a new dish made of prawns this weekend which is not too messy to handle?

Well, read on then and jazz up your holiday.

Deep fried prawns in mayonnaise sauce Hong Kong Style


Prawns: 6 pcs

Mayonnaise sauce: 200 gms

Kiwi fruit: 2 nos

Strawberry: 3 nos

Papaya: 100 gms

Lettuce: 150 gms

Cooking oil: 200 ml

Lemon juice: 50 ml

Honey: 50ml


Peel the skin of the prawns. Mix the prawns well with salt and cornstarch. Deep fry them for 2-3 minutes.

Next, mix the mayonnaise sauce with salt, lemon juice and honey.

Apply the sauce on the prawns. Garnish the dish with kiwi, papaya, strawberry and lettuce.


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