Turquoise Cottage Reloaded at DLF Place Mall offers interesting fare with accompanying music

The den for musicians and music lover Turquoise Cottage is now relocated at DLF Place Mall, Saket. Touted as Turquoise Cottage Reloaded, it brings the same experience of the years and adds more flavour and funk for its regulars as well as first time visitors. I believe that food and music both have healing powers. Combination of both is what people come to find at Turquoise Cottage.

Menu is pan Asian having all verticals such as sushis, dim sums, satays and all. Smoked chicken soup to start with was not a bad option though the soup had very spicy finely cut chillies in it which overpowered the smoky flavour of the chicken. Crispy calamari salad was fresh but the seafood lacked crunchiness. BBQ chicken wings, one of my favourites, disappointed me as the wings were just tossed in sauce and had no flavours in it. Prawn tempura was good having perfect crunchiness and fluffiness. Sushis and dim sums are the ones which were quite popular. I had a tuna sushi and found it decent enough. Prawn sui mai was perfect and had a flavourful stuffing.

From the veggies, crackling spinach was the one which was tasty and done to perfection. I was sailing through my courses smoothly as some really old classics were being played in the background. I got in a bit early but by the time it was 8.30 the live band started setting up the drums and guitars in place and within half an hour they were good to rock the place.

Munching on the crispy lotus stems seemed unstoppable as it had the perfect balance of honey and chilli. Helped by the delay in service to get my main course on table I was able to enjoy music for a longer duration. Finally my food arrived but to further disappoint me, as the fried pomfret which I love to eat was served undercooked to me. Lamb rendang with steamed rice got me back on the track. As the curry was flavourful and complimented the rice pretty well. Without taking any further chances I ordered the traditional Burmese delicacy, khow suey. Loved the way it was presented with all the necessary condiments.

This coconut milk-based dish with a hint of spice was really made well and in a short span of time has become one of the signatures of Turquoise Cottage. Date spring rolls were a safe bet to satisfy my sweet cravings.

Meal for two: Rs.1500

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