Café Canopy is back with its annual Dosa Festival

The dosas are not just dosas at Abad’s Café Canopy this season. There’s a whole lot happening with them. Rolled, stuffed, crispy thin, buttery, cheesy… the everyday dosa has been transformed into nothing short of a gastronomical fantasy. The annual dosa festival, which marks its sixth year, brings back the usual favourites with a few surprises thrown in, of course.

Vegetarian fare

For those looking for a typically vegetarian break, the menu offers some true delights. The palak and grated paneer dosa, for instance, combines the goodness of palak leaves gently blended in with juicy sautéed onions and generous amounts of grated paneer. The spice is just right, with a hint of pepper. What is vegetarian fare without paneer? The crisp makhan paneer dosa comes with a deliciously soft paneer core. Mushroom capsicum, cheese tomato onion, spicy tomato cheese, or the simple paper roast with cheese are some of the other treats lined up.

Chef Abdul Khader has something special for the health-conscious this time. The roll dosa, which he fondly refers to as the ‘health dosa’ comes filled with carrot, cabbage or beetroot along with bean sprouts. The best thing about the dosa is that the flavours of the veggies do not stand out. They mix well and complement the taste of the dosa, leaving you feeling less guilty of over-indulgence. “The veggies could all be mixed for one dosa, if the customer wants it that way,” says Khader. “Oil has been used sparingly and the vegetables along with the dosa make it a really filling, healthy meal,” he says. This dosa is one of the new items on the menu.


For a heavier fill, try the mouth-watering options in uthappams hot from the pan. The choice is among masala cheese, paneer coriander and capsicum onion.

Non-vegetarians have a stunning variety too, starting from chicken to egg, beef and prawn. The Chettinad koli dosa, which was a runaway hit last year, seems to continue its success story with brisk orders flowing in, says Thomas Kurien, Corporate F&B Manager, Abad Group of Hotels. “We have used the authentic Chettinad recipe,” he adds. The spicy masala along with the crisp dosa is a must-try. However, this year, the menu has a new dish, the prawn potato dosa, which is already receiving rave reviews. An unusual combination, one might wonder, but tasting it, one would instantly become a fan. A thick masala with succulent prawns mixed with potato, an ultimate treat for those who love seafood.

Season's specials

The Chef’s special chicken tikka roll dosa, too, features high on the popularity chart. The exhaustive non-vegetarian menu also includes exciting options such as egg and kheema, kheema mutter, peralan beef and Malabar chicken dosas. Uthappams, too, with similar toppings are available.

The fest, which is on till July 22, begins at 4 p.m. and goes on till midnight. More than just an evening snack, the dosas seem to be ideal dinner material. “We get most of our customers during dinner time, closer to midnight,” says Kurien. The routine plain and masala dosas will also be served (on request). The prices start from Rs 80 to Rs 120.