Get the taste of a wholesome Mexican meal

This platter gives a glimpse of the complete Mexican meal and has all the staple stuff. Mexican rice is accompanied by chocolate and peanut mole, Veracruz fish and guajilo lamb. The significant flavours and ingredients of Mexican cuisine, be it the assortment of chillies, peanuts or chocolate, are introduced here.

White Mexican rice


300 gms rice

1 onion

2 pods garlic


Soak and rinse the rice. Sautee onion and garlic, and then add the rice to it. Add enough water and cook the rice.

Chocolate mole

50 gms raisins

70 gms pasilla chilli

70 gms ancho chilli

70 gms guajillo chilli

70 gms chipotle chilli

50 gms peanuts

2 banana

150 gms chocolate

1 slice bread

2 pieces tortillas

50 gms sesame seeds

200 gms tomato

70 gms green chilli

4 onions

1 tbsp garlic

Half a handful coriander seeds

4 cloves

1 whole chicken

Half a litre chicken stalk

50 gms pumpkin seeds


Soak all the chillies, banana, garlic and onion and then blend them. Roast the tomato, sesame, pumpkin seeds, coriander seeds and peanuts. Blend all the ingredients. Once everything is well-blended, including the chocolate, add all of them together and keep on stirring until a smooth texture appears. Spread out the mole on boiled chicken.

Veracruz fish


160 gms basa

Half kg tomato

100 gms onion

50 gms garlic

2 green chilli

Half a handful parsley

5 olives

10 gms of each colour peppers

Half a tbsp olive oil

1 jalapeno


Boil tomato, chilli, coriander, onion and blend them. Add olive oil to fry the sauce in and add the fish. Once fried, add the juliennes of peppers and sliced olives, as well as sliced jalapeno.

Guajillo lamb


Half kg lamb

80 gms guajillo chilli

1 onion

2 garlic


Guajillo chilli is sometimes available at the INA market, if not use a dry large Indian chilli. Soak and then blend them. Cook lamb in the pressure cooker and then mix the guasjillo chilli base and cook together.

Peanut mole


300 gms peanuts

Half kg tomato

100 gms chilli


Roast peanuts and tomatoes, soak the chillies and blend all together, until the mix has a silky texture. You can have it with vegetarian or non vegetarian items.


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