Exercise breaks enhance your health and energy levels.

It has been proven in different studies that breaking up exercise into repeated, short sessions might be as beneficial as longer workouts. “Ten minutes” workout stint, as exercise snack, works best for a person who is unable to exercise pre or post-office hours for a longer duration.

You can make your office desk a good workout machine if you have long working hours.

Correct sitting posture: A correct posture helps your muscles to work at an optimum capacity and also increases the lung’s diffusion ability. Your posture affects all the functions from breathing to production of hormones in the body.

Five-minute workout routine: When you get five minutes, you can do a combined circuit of three or four exercises, like 10 to 15 pushups with your desk. Just squat, hold position for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of spot run.

Pre-lunch time: You can climb stairs for three or four minutes before your lunch, and walk for a short while after.

Short Interval for d Deep breathing: To work your abdominal muscles, hold your stomach in for a few seconds when breathing in, then release when breathing out.

Keep yourself hydrated: A well-hydrated body is like a finely-tuned race car. We not only feel better while exercising, we also perform better at work, since our brains need to be properly hydrated as well.

Chair squat: While sitting, lift up slightly, with your back arched, navel tucked in and ribs out, arms out for balance. Stand all the way up for two or three seconds, then sit down again. Repeat for 12-15 reps.

Chair or desk dips: Make sure your chair / desk is stable and place your hands next to your hips. Move hips in front of chair and bend the elbows, lowering the body until the elbows are at 90 degrees. Push back up and repeat for 16 reps.

Spot run: One of the best exercises for the entire body, to begin, stand straight, run fast on the spot (not moving forward), for 30 seconds to one minute, relax; repeat the same three or four times.

Desk / wall push ups: Place your arms wide in line with your chest on desk or wall, little ahead from shoulder width, with legs shoulder-width apart as well, inhale, go down, exhale, come back. Repeat 15 times.

Shoulder / neck / leg / lower back stretching: This is an important requirement for people who sit for long hours. Stretching improves circulation that helps relieve stiffness and pain. Strengthening with books: Use books to do bicep curls, tricep extensions, and overhead shoulder presses.

Hyperextension: While sitting on the office chair, one can push one's back towards the back rest, hold it for two or three seconds and repeat this 12-15 times. It helps strengthen the lower back.

Abdominal twisting: Sit straight on the chair. Keeping your knees and hips forward, gently twist your upper body to the right, hold for two or three seconds, and repeat this from other side.Repeat 12-15 times. Works for abdominal strengthening and mobility.

The writer is the director of GFFI Fitness Academy.


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