There's more to dressing up windows than just hanging curtains. Read on to find out how Rajiv and Amita Kanwar have transformed living spaces.

Windows are windows; an integral part of our home/office that just need curtains changed every month, right? If you just agreed to that statement, then you probably should continue reading to change your ideas.

For the rest, you could still continue reading anyway to get an idea of the business of ‘window dressing'.

Get noticed

Apart from the fact that windows have a functional utility, “they are the first things that people notice when they enter a room because it's at the eye level,” points out Rajiv Kanwar who started Window Passions, a house of interiors, at Lado Sarai, New Delhi along with his wife Amita.

For a man who has groomed the windows of the President's house, the Prime Minister's house, the Oberoi group of luxury hotels and spas, the Palace on Wheels to name a few, you cannot help but agree with him when he adds, “so it can't be some fabric hanging over your windows”.

Though a popular concept abroad, the idea of dressing up your windows to match the ambience of a particular room was still new in India when Amita and Rajiv Kanwar decided to get into the business of ‘window dressing'.

The beginning

“On a trip abroad we were exposed to the various styles of window dressings. We wanted the same for our house. We couldn't find any one who could beautify the windows. We started decorating it ourselves and when we had a house warming we started receiving compliments and were asked the name of the company who did it. That day onwards we got into the business,” narrates Rajiv who now has a team of 35 people working for him.

In the early days, convincing people was indeed difficult for the duo, because they had to explain the concept and the need for it, but now the market is opening up, he says. But they did have an advantage being the first players in this niche market.

“Distinct advantage and still do have it as we are the only design studio for customised home furnishings.” Apart from their travel experiences, the couple also gained expertise through studying books, experimenting and visiting fairs abroad.

Their line of business involves glossing up your window with drapes, blinds, fancy awnings, valences and curtains that aesthetically match the rest of the elements in the room like the colour and style of the furniture, floor patterns and upholstery.

And that's what you could try to do in your house too at a very basic level — co-ordinate the colours and designs of the furnishing in a room with your curtains or drapes. Materials like jacquard and organza and pastel shades are the popular choice with residential clients, reveals Rajiv.

Working on flexible and need-based budgets, you can trust Window Passions to dress up you windows and make them ready to let the compliments flow in, apart from the sunlight, of course.

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