Faster: 100 Ways To Improve Your Digital Life; Ankit Fadia, Portfolio, Rs.199.

Our phones, computers and tablets are getting more powerful but how many of us know how to get the most out of them? Author Ankit Fadia shows you how to send an e-mail in the future, fake an incoming call on your mobile phone, block inappropriate websites from your kids, automate tasks on your mobile phone and much more.

This book contains tips and tricks for you to stretch the limits of e-mails, computers, social networks and everything else digital.

With easy-to-use examples and loads of screenshots, Faster is the perfect digital companion for you.

What Do Women Want From Men?; Dan True, Rupa, Rs. 250

Read this book for an answer to that eternal question: what do women want from men? Wondering what went wrong with his marriage, Dan True asked 100 women of varying ages and professions 110 questions on what they feel about men withregard to virtually everything. The women he interviewed were forthright and candid, with valuable insights for both sexes. From bank-tellers to airline stewardesses, from hoursewives to college students, here are a 100 women’s candid comments about money, marriage, relationships, lying, anger, listening, bed partners, attitudes, expectations, and fantasies.


Wellness ReadsAugust 3, 2013