Did you know that 90 per cent of our body’s cells are bacterial? Or that the bacteria that cause meningitis live in our body all the time, without troubling us at all? Or even that life as we know it on earth began because bacteria rode into our world on an asteroid? Health activist Ravi Mantha explains that, in order to remain in the pinkest health, we need to understand and maintain the human ecosystem – which includes looking after our bacteria. Prevent the onset of illnesses, he advises, rather than search for cures to diseases, as Western medicine tends to do. As long as public health care systems are found wanting, we must care for our own health. The first step to this: understanding the bacteria in our body. Combining the latest in medical research with prevention and wellness techniques, All About Bacteria will shift your focus from pills and products, and move you along on the path to achieving and maintaining excellent health.

All About Bacteria; Ravi Mantha, Harper Collins, Rs. 299.

In only 68 days, Dr. Mike Moreno’s book The 17 Day Diet promises to help you lose body fat the healthy way. Introducing a novel regime defined on the basis of the four As: Accelerate, Activate, Achieve, and Arrive, Moreno chooses a unique way to lead the reader to health and fitness. The Accelerate Routine is a cycle used to reduce body weight at a faster rate by burning the sugar and fat content. The Activate Routine is designed to control the body’s metabolism by sequentially varying calorie intake on alternate days. The Achieve Routine is about acquiring awareness of weight control and incorporating new fitness cycles. The Arrive Routine is defined as a fitness cycle that uses the coordinated sequence of the other routines to establish a regimen. The 17 Day Diet aims to help its readers avoid following diets or exercising beyond their capabilities, while consuming fewer calories and injecting a degree of flexibility to their goal.

The 17 Day Diet Workbook; Dr. Mike Moreno, Harper Collins India-S&S India, Rs.499.