Spa Le Touessrok in Mauritius, from one of the world's leading fashion brands, is luxury loaded and still makes one feel at home. Aruna Chandaraju gets pampered.

Like every self-respecting luxury-resort, Le Touessrok in Mauritius offers its guests a selection of elegant restaurants with great food to choose from, a world-class spa, and an exciting range of outdoor activities. Only, the superbly designed rooms and the breathtakingly beautiful views they offer make it difficult to step out to indulge in the food at the restaurants or activities. The temptation to lounge in the room all day — specifying room-service-only — and take in the spectacular sights from the bay windows and balconies almost overrules the desire for anything else.

But we overcame temptation, with great effort of will, and set out first to the Givenchy Spa. And it turned out to be a great reward for our willpower. Stylish interiors, top-grade spa accessories, and expert therapists ensured that our massage left us deeply relaxed and drowsy with relief after the long journey to get here. This spa, from one of the world's leading fashion brands, is a big draw for guests including the many Indians who check in.

Golf course

Another attraction at the Le Touessrok, in fact its great pride is the 18-hole, par-72 championship golf course. One of Mauritius' finest courses, it is also worth a visit for non-golfers given its stunning views — natural features like freshwater and seawater ponds, tiny ravines, and lush-green vegetation. The coastline has little bays, promontories and inlets. This very picturesque course has been rated by many golfers and golf magazines as among the finest in the world. On the way back, we had a glimpse of the very aesthetically designed and lavishly appointed Royal Suites and Villa.

The entire resort exudes a quiet elegance. And there are many charming local touches — like fans made of rattan and thatched roofs in public areas which use dried sugarcane leaves. Everywhere, the windows and sit-outs offer sweeping views of the ocean. The resort beach draws guests all day and night — sun-worshippers and swimmers. Actually, it is the ethereal beauty of Mauritius' white-sand beaches and divinely blue waters as also the various water-sports offered here, that draw tourists from around the world to this “Paradise Island” as this country is often known as.

Besides the long stretch of beach at its property, the very chic Le Touessrok resort has two private islands next door — Ilot Mangenie for exclusive use by guests and Ile aux Cerfs for the golf course. At the former, you can sunbathe and swim or sign up for snorkelling, parasailing, water-skiing, kayaking, etc. Another must-do (we did): Take a glass-bottomed boat out to the shallow sea for wonderful views of a myriad coral reefs this region is famed for, and fish of all hues and shapes that glide past magically as you hold your breath and watch in awe. A little distance away from here is the undersea walk or submarine safari, for those who want closer encounters with the underwater world.

The very multicultural island of Mauritius has a large population of immigrants from India. So, while French and English are spoken widely, so is Hindi. The waiters and housekeeping staff would be addressing guests in crisp English and/or smooth French and then immediately switch with ease to Hindi when they saw us. Talk of making the guest feel at home!

Multi-cuisine restaurant

The food at the multi-cuisine 398 (never got around to finding out the why of this unusual name), Barlen's, Safran, Crusoe's Restaurant, and Sega Bar was uniformly good. The Le Touessrok chefs had made an effort to please every palate with an impressive range of delicacies. Of course, you can't please them all. There were a couple of guests (Indians) who went up to the pancakes and crepes counter during breakfast buffet which offered a spread of nearly 90 items wanting to know if they could have aloo-parathas and dosas! The chef didn't even blink — he only smiled graciously and asked if they could wait for the time he estimated it would take for their preparation.

All good things have to come to an end and so we reluctantly packed our bags and checked out. We told ourselves that there is always another time. And that time it will be only room-service and ocean-gazing, we promised ourselves.