Whether it's the seating areas or the food, the capital's International Diner is an experience to be savoured.

It may be located right in the capital's crowded posh area but the moment you step into the International Diner, cosiness and warmth enfolds you. The open kitchen seems like its inviting you to try its wares.

Whether you settle yourself in the American style corner or the comfy style seating or a family bash arrangement or a private hush-hush lounge, you certainly have a lot of choice.

Aesthetic division

What impresses even more is the way the restaurant has been aesthetically divided. With an immense flow of natural light, vibrant primary colour selection and subtle inspired hues, the look is certainly in keeping with its avant-garde form.

It took me a while to select my seating area. I finally decided on the second floor exclusive lounge lit with dim lights, big-screen to soothe your eyes with some hot fashion, and a bar to select exotic flavours.

The menu is a surprise with its kaleidoscopic range of American, Arabian, Indian, Mediterranean and European dishes. After pondering for a while, I ordered a Diner Bunta (traditional Indian lemonade) and Classic Caesar Salad to begin with. The Bunta was deliciously tangy and every sip was refreshing.

Something for everyone

Before the other starter was served, I decided to learn more about the menu. “The menu has been designed keeping in mind the kind of crowd we see each day. Diner is a new concept in our country but the choice that we offer makes it a place for everyone. Whether it's a college-going youngster who wants to stop by for a fulfilling breakfast or a corporate type who wishes to meet someone formally over lunch or a family who want their kids to taste contemporary cuisine, the restaurant serves all kinds,” summed up Suveer Sodhi, the owner.

Before I could ask any more questions, my salad and the main course, which I had left as the chef's choice, was ready on the table. The salad was yummy with a mild range of spices.

Irresistible food

The main course was a mezzo platter, vegetable filo wraps and layered cheese Pomadoro. Each course was fresh and the spices varied. Obviously the menu satisfies everyone from chilli lovers to those who go for bland stuff.

And to end the meal was the dessert; I opted for Tiramisu. Believe me, it just melts with each scoop. ‘Irresistible' is how I sum up the Diner experience!

Where it is

The International Diner , First Floor, M-69, Main M Block Market, Greater Kailash I, Delhi

Phone: 011-46696140, +918800582777