1. Prince Harry recently launched the ‘Invictus Games’ in the UK. For who is the Games meant?

2. Which freedom fighter, known for the Chittagong Armoury Raid, was called “Master da”?

3. Which international airline that has been in the news has the IATA code MH?

4. What is F1 champion Sebastian Vettel’s name for the car that he would be driving in the 2014 season?

5. Who was the first Indian woman to preside over a session of the Indian National Congress?

6. In geology, which five-lettered term describes a ‘sedimentary deposit chiefly deposited by the wind and composed largely of silt-size grains that are loosely cemented by calcium carbonate’?

7. For which cinema blockbuster did linguist Paul Frommer create an extensive and distinctive vocabulary and grammar?

8. To which island-nation is the flightless bird Weka endemic?

9. Which is the second-most traded commodity on the Earth after crude oil: Gold, Coffee or tea?

10. Developed by Bell Labs, which language is considered the most widely used programming language of all time?

11. Name the Capitals of the two landlocked countries in South America.

12. Who succeeded Shams-ud-din Iltutmish to the Sultanate of Delhi in 1236?

13. Which deceased legendary rapper was also known by the stage names Makaveli and MC New York?

14. Where can one see the famous painting ‘Liberty Leading the People’ and the magnificent ‘Winged Victory of Samothrace’ statue?

15. What is considered as the most potent of the greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere?

Answers: 1. For the injured members of the armed forces; 2. Surya Sen; 3. Malaysian Airlines; 4. Suzie; 5. Sarojini Naidu; 6. Loess; 7. ‘Avatar’ for the Na’vi people; 8. New Zealand; 9. Coffee; 10. C; 11. Asuncion and La Paz; 12. Razia Sultan; 13. Tupac Shakur; 14. Louvre; 15.Water vapour.