1. Name the freedom fighter, to whom the patriotic poem “Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna” is attributed. He was born on this date in 1897.

2. He left in 2007. But now he has returned as Chelsea coach.

3. What first does “Alam Ara”, directed by Ardeshir Irani and released in 1931, have as regards Indian cinema?

4. According to a recent research finding, which allotrope of carbon has been confirmed as the strongest material in the world, even when patched together?

5. What does the dental condition Hyperdontia mean?

6. In football, which team recently became the first German team to win a continental treble?

7. Name the first spacecraft to achieve escape velocity from the Solar System.

8. Which African country’s capital is Niamey?

9. Which 11-lettered word, common in the secretarial world, means the practice of writing in shorthand?

10. Who was the first cricketer to be knighted while still playing?

11. Ophidian is the adjective for which common but ‘feared’ animal?

12. In “Chhota Bheem”, which inventor’s place did Professor Shastri Dhoom Ke Too take?

13. According to Greek myth, Hope was the only thing remaining in which container when all else had escaped?

14. Who is going to challenge Viswanathan Anand for the world chess crown in Chennai?

15. In which Rudyard Kipling story does the protagonist travel with a Tibetan Lama in search of the legendary ‘River of the Arrow’?

Answers: 1. Ram Prasad Bismil; 2. Jose Mourinho; 3. It is considered the first sound film made in India; 4. Graphene; 5. Having teeth which appear in addition to the regular number of teeth; 6. FC Bayern Munich; 7. Pioneer 10; 8. Niger; 9. Stenography; 10. Sir Richard Hadlee; 11. Snake; 12. Avi Chacha; 13. Pandora’s Box; 14. Magnus Carlsen; 15. Kim.