1. Name the famous 16th President of the United States who was born on this date in 1809.

2. Name the lone million-dollar man at the IPL auction and which franchise has bought him?

3. Mount Kosciuszko is the highest peak in which continent’s mainland?

4.Name the Kashmiri all-girls rock band that made national news because of being branded ‘un-Islamic’.

5. What is a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides called?

6. Name the computer giant, named after the founder, which has created a buzz by striking a $24.4 billion deal to make itself private in an effort to boost its value.

7. Which is the smallest of the 12 zodiacal constellations?

8. Name the present Dutch queen who has announced that she will abdicate her throne at the end of April. 

9. C6H6 is the chemical formula of which organic chemical compound?

10. Which prestigious title did the Baltimore Ravens win recently?

11. In which country is Waterloo where Napoleon suffered his final decisive loss?

12. Name the Indian-American awarded the prestigious National Medal of Technology and Innovation, by US President Barack Obama, for breakthrough in Excimer laser that enabled LASIK Surgery.

13. Which Greek God gave King Midas ass’s ears?

14. In humans, where is bile stored?

15. In Islam, what is the Takbir (or Tekbir)?

Answers: 1. Abraham Lincoln; 2. Glenn Maxwell bought by Mumbai Indians; 3. Australia; 4. ‘Pragaash’; 5. Trapezium; 6. Dell; 7. Capricorn; 8. Queen Beatrix; 9. Benzene; 10. The Super Bowl; 11. Belgium; 12. Rangaswamy Srinivasan; 13. Apollo; 14. Gall bladder; 15. It is the Arabic term for the phrase ‘Allâhu Akbar’.