1. Name the Force India driver celebrating his birthday on this date.

2. Mohammed VI is the present king of which African country?

3. The fine thread or other material used surgically to close a wound or join tissues is called a…?

4. Who was the last Indian to feature among the coveted Wisden's Five Cricketers of the Year?

5. In which country was the first international cricket match played?

6. What happens when one has the condition called ‘prosopagnosia'?

7. What is the present common name of the toy once called ‘Pluto Platter'?

8. Originally what was the colour of the strawberries in south America?

9. In the common modern version of the nursery rhyme ‘Sing a song of sixpence', what was the queen doing?

10. What is the official State song of Andhra Pradesh?

11. What is the highest storage capacity in the existing Apple iPad?

12. To which phylum does the prawn belong?

13. If India has the wheel in the centre of the tricolour, which country has the ‘Sun of May'?

14. What is the term used for the bowl of warm water, usually with a lemon piece, used for rinsing one's fingers after the main course of a meal?

15. What makes an animal a craniate?

Answers: 1. Adrian Sutil; 2. Morocco3. Suture; 4. Zaheer Khan in 2008; 5. United States, in New York!; 6. Tend to forget faces i.e. face blindness; 7. Frisbee; 8. White; 9. She was in the parlour eating bread and honey; 10. ‘Maa Telugu Thalliki…'; 11. 64 GB; 12. Arthropoda; 13. Argentina; 14. Finger bowl; 15. Presence of a skull.