Here is one unforgettable incident that occurred in my life. One day, the light bulb in my room was not working. When I checked it I noticed that it was fused. And so I tried to disconnect the bulb from the holder. A piece of wire that was connected to the switchboard fell loose and I didn't notice it. I changed the bulb and switched it on. Immediately I was thrown down to the floor with a loud sound and fell unconscious.

My parents rushed to my room on hearing the noise and noticed me lying unconscious. They picked me up and washed my face and were surprised to see that y fingers were burnt. My father checked the wire and found that the coating of the wire was damaged. He repaired it and warned me not to play with electrical things. This scared me and I will think twice before I attempt anything like this again.

Jerris J. Pallattu is a Std V student at Vimalagiri International School, Muvattupuzha

Keywords: electric shock