Animals take stories to a different level. Here are some movies featuring animals. Bring out the popcorn and get set for a movie marathon.

DUNSTON CHECKS IN: Dunston, an Oranguttan, and his pick pocketing skills and antics keep the story moving forward. Robert Grant has to manage the Monkey and his business as hotel is being considered for the newly-minted and very prestigious six-star rating by the Le Monde Guide. But between all the confusion he ends up housing the Monkey and his master mistaking them to be the VIP and then it’s a comic drive all the way.

TURNER AND HOOTCH: Tom Hanks (Turner), an official investigator, acquires Hooch, a large and slobbery dog after the murder of his owner. A junk yard owner. He was also a friend of Turner. Before leaving Turner asks the Police to allow him to investigate the murder and knowing fully well that Hootch is the only lead he brings him home. His life changes the minute Hootch enters his house…

BORN FREE: A heart-warming true story of a British couple who land in Kenya and teach their pet lioness how to survive in the wilds of the African jungles. Their pet Elsa is one of the several lions they had domesticated and once fully grown they take it back to where it belongs. They decide to train her to live like a wild animal so that they can release her into her natural habitat.

DOCTOR DOLITTLE: It all starts when Doctor Dolittle swerves his car to avoid hitting a dog and ends up hitting his head on the windshield triggering his innate gift of talking to animals. It’s a new life as his clients now include rats, birds, dogs and others in their league.

ERAGON: A young boy’s life changes forever as he discovers a mysterious dragon egg and his journey thereon. He has to become Dragon rider and defend his world against the evil King.

FLY AWAY HOME: A true story, the movie features a 13-year-old girl who is trying to get used to living with her father after the death of her mother. Needing some company she hits upon a nest full of eggs which soon hatch into flock of Geese. Their imprint says she is their mother and follow her everywhere. Trouble starts as she is left upon with the difficult task of teaching them to fly to help them to migrate before the winter sets in.

101 DALMATIANS: Greed takes the better of a fashion designer who needs a few more animals for fur. She then decides to kidnap the puppies to kill them for their fur. But as luck would have it various animals gang up against her and get their revenge in deterring her from achieving her cruel mission.

BLACK BEAUTY: An adaptation from the Classic this book was written by Anna Sewell. It’s the story of a remarkable horse and the various owners whose lives he transforms. Written in first person narrative the story narrates his circle of his life

FREE WILLY: A movie on friendship this is the story of a 12-year-old boy and a three tonne killer whale. When a boy learns that his beloved whale is to be killed by the aquarium owners, the boy risks everything to free the whale. A tale of adventure you will never forget.

HOMEWARD BOUND: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY: A remake if its earlier version released in 1963, the narrative follows three household pets as they travel across mountains and plains on their way to find their owners. Thinking they have been abandoned by their owners, they retrace their path to join the family who have moved temporarily moved to the City.