Navajeevan Community Mental Health has designed programmes to help students learn easily without stress and distractions.

Many children suffer from some kind of problem in their studies. Despite hours of rigorous study, some students are unable to remember the answers in the examination hall while some are lazy and naughty by nature, posing a headache to the teachers as well as parents.

Navajeevan Community Mental Health Centre at West Hill in Kozhikode is an institution that works towards mental health and personality development of students and adolescents.

The institution has introduced two programmes in many schools that help the kids increase their level of concentration and also make them active and energetic.

The programmes, titled “Hypnopaedia” and “Mind Relax”, are recognised by the Kerala State Department of Education.


Hypnopaedia is a stress-free method of learning in which the entire capacity of the brain is utilised for learning.

The problems faced by the students are compiled from a questionnaire which each student has to answer. The findings are analysed thoroughly and the training will be based on the analysis.

The students get a three-hour long training in which their intellectual capacity, knowledge, emotional problems and mental health status are dealt with in a scientific manner.

The project director Dr.C.K.Anil Kumar claims that the programmes are capable of improving the learning capacity of the students and developing their personality.

So far the programme is in use in about 300 schools in Kozhikode, Malappuram and Kannur districts.

Interested schools can also get hold of a CD of the training sessions from the Navajeevan office.